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Free CSS TemplateYour Number 1 Source for Computer Repair, Laptop Upgrades, Wireless Network Installs, Virus and Spyware Removal and much more!

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Remote Support Available
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If you have a working internet connection, many issues can be resolved remotely without the need for us to even visit you..

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Web Hosting
Free WebsiteWe can offer you a fantastic web hosting package suitable for sites of all sizes.

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PC Tec Support Self Help Section

Prevent problems on your home PC or Laptop with regular housekeeping. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and this is never more appropriate than when it comes to computers. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your PC running smoothly and preventing bigger repair expenses in the future. We´ve put together a list of maintenance tips and tasks that will increase the life of your PC, reduce the number of maintenance call-outs and will even increase the speed, reliability and overall performance of your computer. IMPORTANT - Before you do anything, backup your data!! Imagine losing all your digital photographs or all the downloaded music you paid for? We´re not trying to scare you but a hard disk drive failure is a sure thing at some point. It´s not a matter of if it will fail but when! There are plenty of different ways of backing up your PC.

PC Tec Support PC and Laptop Housekeeping Tips:


We´ve tried to make this section as easy to follow as possible but we understand that many people simply do not want to risk this sort of activity. If this applies to you then feel free to contact us as we can perform any of these tasks on a one-off basis or you can take out one of our maintenance contracts so we do this work for you regularly as part of the service. Simply call us on 07710 569654 or email us.